Demetrius plots to destroy Jasin by creating an army of vampires by.In order for them to survive, Jasin needs to find a mortal to turn into a vampire to spend eternity with.Toby is immediately plunged into the dark world of the Vampyre, Demons and Supernatural..Quickly overcome with boredom in their new.Thom, a local journalist in the small island town begins digging into the. Big dick bodybuilder. Otherwise, Jack is impulsive and explosive with few redeeming qualities.Here are some of our picks to get you in the spirit.Get Bitten.He picks up hitchhiking gay couple Cary and Vogel whose relationship is in trouble to.Lucas Delmore, (Toby's Date) turns our to be everything Toby could ever wish for except for one thing, Lucas is a 1500 year old Vampire.Vampires just got even sexier and more hungry.Brighter in Darkness opens a door in its season One of Eight episodes to the supernatural Dark World of Vampires.BRIGHTER IN DARKNESS tells the tale of Toby Brighter, a young gay guy who after a disastrous relationship, is set up on a blind date by his sister Charlotte

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“Is he okay?” Jungkook piped from his seat the second he saw him.” “So it’s been like twenty minutes.” “Where are we going?” Namjoon asked, even as he started to stand, pulling Jimin with him.He was sitting on Taehyung’s lap, stretching his long legs over Hoseok’s lap.” “Alright.” Taehyung protested againts that, claming he can make a wonderful toast, which sparked a debate between them. Critical role sabien. Namjoonie and Kook-ah were the only ones he let kinda close. “Yoongi.I’d be also freakig out if I suddenly went into heat out of nowhere.He licked his lips and aproached Yoongi as one might with a small woodland creature.He was close enough that he could see him clearly but far enough that Yoongi didn’t try to run.He wasn’t entirely sure what the rest had been doing to be honest, too busy trying to keep himself afloat. Jin froze.I can only help him as much as he’ll allow me to, but I won’t let him go through it alone.” Jin wasn’t entirely sure if Yoongi was actually listening to him or if he understood.It wasn’t a scent he recognised, not anyone from his pack, but he could recognise the smell of heat from a mile away.He looked fine enough, panicked, but okay.Namjoon and Jungkook had both told them that they don’t actually understand words most of the time, that they just work on instinct and follow their lead.He could easily smell them now, after his nose got used to Yoongi’s scent, how sour they all had gone. “Okay.There was a moment of silence, which streched out just a little too long.All he got was “no one is dying.Jimin and Taehyung were standing next to each other, Taehyung absent-mindedly running his hand up-and-down over Jimin’s arm. Bowsette lemon. “Yoongi.Yoongi was stuck between wanting a warm hug and being terrified out of his mind.His eyes had widened when he’d seen him, trying to curl both into himself and away from Jin. “I’m not sure how long he’s been in this state.And this close to the source, Jin could smell the fear that came off of him in waves.It was Namjoon, standing by the kitchen door.One of those times where, even though they’re a group, they had all ended up doing different things at different places. “ Yoongi-yah. “I’m not sure if you’re aware, but you’re in heat.Jin had spent the last few days going between meetings and the studio to test out some things.” He started, keeping his voice even.Now the Alphas were coiled up and tense as a result of not being able to help him, making their two omega’s upset.Jin had been the one who had passed out in the living room last night, after coming home at some stupid hour.

This is a great non-budget film done by a newbie film maker, in what started as a TV serial and was cut down to make a movie.Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon.It reminds me of some of the low budget work Peter Jackson did before he went on to do Lord of the Rings.Er ist mal anderster gemacht, als die Filme die man kennt.His date, Lucas Delmore, turns out to be everything Toby could ever wish for except for one thing, Lucas is a 1500 year old Vampire.The movie, or whatever else, this thing may be defined by standards pretty unknown to me, is truly disappointing in whole other departments. Natsu master of tartarus fanfiction. The goddess Lilith is trying to get rid of mankind and Toby's ex, Paul, just won't take the hint that it's over.Of course there are obstacles that get in their way.Sold by Amazon.The script is smart, the gay love story is intriguing, and the direction is crisp.Video availability outside of United States varies.The script and the acting were very poor.The interaction between the two main characters was intense and sweet at times.And Rhys Howells is definitely an actor to watch for.I always guessed where he's still able to find the 'models' willing to appear in such uninventive, trite, sad low budgets.Except for Rhys Howells as Lucas, who is charismatic and compelling, the acting is poor to passable (and some is quite laughable).It smacks of potential, a solid story, fair acting from newly trained and probably unpaid actors.

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Suddenly he was the chosen one, the one who would find the elven mage of history, gain his power and unite all the tribes of different species.A writer himself, he had hoped that staying in the town, in an old house left to him by his grandparents would help him.The hunters, the humans, the werewolves or the vampires.Just cause he was the only voice of reason and the only person who were friends with everybody, he had somehow ended up at the leader, something he was very much not qualified for.Goals: Keep as many people alive as possible, keep everybody happy and try to fix your love life without causing a crisis.. Laxus dreyar. An attraction that was very much returned.A writer himself, he had hoped that staying in the town, in an old house left to him by his grandparents would help him.It didn’t take Jungkook long to realise that Lexonwill had much less peace to offer than he expected, as it turned out he was part of a long-living bloodline that kept peace in the city, and without his parents taking their rightful spot, instead running away, the town had devolved into a low key civil war between the vampires and the werewolves, with the humans stuck in the middle and the presents hunters meant to hunt any supernatural hurt humans had made their presence known.The hunters, the humans, the werewolves or the vampires.Suddenly it MC’s job to solve the entire thing, but who would he side with.Welcome character creation, we have 7 avatars at the launch that you can choose from.Through running his shop MC got to know 6 different people, who came to be important to him, from customers in his store, to a baker that provided cakes for him.Your chance to select your character and your scenario will end in 4 days.Comments: 6 Kudos: 32 Bookmarks: 10 Hits: 538.It didn’t take MC long to realise that Lexonwill had much less peace to offer than he expected, as it turned out he was part of a long-living bloodline that kept peace in the city, and without his parents taking their rightful spot, instead running away, the town had devolved into a low key civil war between the vampires and the werewolves, with the humans stuck in the middle and the presents hunters meant to hunt any supernatural hurt humans had made their presence known.All of the 6 scenarios are very different and have a very different tone.Before everything, MC had never even touched drugs or anything harder than a bear, but everything was changing and every day was a struggle to survive and to stay away from the people chasing him.

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You have to control yourself.He waved and broke off into a sprint the other way, before Taehyung could even say a word.After a confirmation that they were on their way, Taehyung returned the phone to Jungkook, who pocketed it.That said, the first chapter has a scene with a panic attack. You’re completely soaked.He looked down at his new hoodie, the cup of his comfort drink in his hand, the scent of lavender filling his nose. Stephano x reader. You can break down when you go home and are in the comforting arms of your hyungs.And the coffee’s hot, so you need to change before it seeps through the hoodie.He didn’t want to repay him by making him uncomfortable, or force him to answer if he didn’t want to.It didn’t take long for his mood to sour again as he saw rain clouds gather up in the night sky.Not just because of its taste, but also because he bumped into someone else on the way back, and dumped it all over himself, for the second time today.Perhaps after they learn all of his secrets.The terrible coffee burned slightly through the thickness of the hoodie. “Here.He cleared his throat, making eye contact. “ Hello? ” Jimin’s voice came though the phone, and Taehyung almost sobbed in relief again.His bangs covered his face, but not enough to hide his eyes, his button nose sniffing every few seconds. I’m borrowing someone else’s phone.The faint scent of lavender snapped him out and he took a deep breath to calm down, keeping his emotions at bay. (I made that up, of course) I think that's it for now.He didn’t sleep well the night before, which means that he was already tired and exhausted.And it was his fault too, so he had to be the one to apologize.More importantly, here. Caesar's Legion by Stephen Dando-Collins. “What?” Taehyung didn’t want to admit that his voice had just cracked, but you couldn’t blame him.No, Taehyung.The hoodie smelled really nice, like lavender.” He handed him a warm drink, Taehyung rubbing it on his hands to get some heat into them before taking a tentative sip.I was just stuck a bit, so I decided to try a different fandom, to refresh my mind.There you go.” Taehyung just stared at the boy and felt sorry for the boy fidgeted under his stare, but he really couldn’t help it.He slipped into the next shop, going straight to the bathroom and changing out of his wet clothes.It’s not like he couldn’t meet him again.His whole body limped as exhaustion caught up to him, tears burning down his cheeks but he didn’t even have the energy to sob now.On the other hand, it was only three and a half seconds, and he sort of owed it to the boy.

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Haeran had fallen silent, the redness of her ears noticeably even from far away.And then it took years more for her to cope and finally move on with her life.After he performed, feeling accomplished and rushing to hug his mother because she actually came, he turned down the offer to join the dance club.So he smiled and said thanks before going back to his room.Plus, if he took quicker, cold showers, along with not using light unless it was absolutely necessary, it'd help even more.They wanted to tell them that he could eat anything and everything in the house. Vanguard Wiki. They would take him restaurants every month if he wanted, anywhere he wanted to eat.He thought he had been doing well, but it wasn't good enough.Jungkook remembered what had been told to him.They didn't notice when he got quieter- he was quiet anyways. They talked for the rest of the time, Jungkook shocked for the first time that it was already time to go inside. Because Jungkook had cracked the day his father left him, and they were scared that if they pushed, even the slightest bit, the child would shatter.The kids in this school were, in general, outgoing.They wanted to tell them that he shouldn't apologize for anything ever again.Then he'll want to join a club or real classes.Then, him being thrust back onto her, it was jarring.So Jungkook played by himself in the shade of an old tree.It made him sad.He could never mention him or anything they did together.But they didn't. Because he was positive that his dad abandoned him and died because he was too much of a bother.Even after he left.The children were all nice and didn't mind it when he declined offers to play. Basil. They never understood why the boy just sat in the dark, feeling bad if they even asked him if was okay, as he'd get so apologetic.I would never ever invalidate anything you truly mean- you just need to understand that this relationship was built on compromise.It was his mantra, that he shouldn't hold anyone back.He supposed the boy just meant they were really, really strong.As much as he sunk into the hugs that just smelled like home, and sometimes just gazed at his parents from afar, clinging to every last detail, every last bit of affection, because by god he did not want to let go- He did.He's still a kid.He planned on moving out as soon as possible, unwilling to be a burden on his mothers shoulders longer than necessary. No problem.Even when his mother took him in, it had all been so sudden, she had spent years (years that Jungkook was too young to remember) fighting for her child, and losing the battle.

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this is fucking sick.He was in a small cell, maybe eight by eight feet.The figure was a man, looked to be maybe in his late twenties or early thirties- though if he was a vampire who knew how old he actually was.He cleared his throat carefully, and the next time he spoke it was low.He’d woken up chained to a wall- seriously, how stereotypical is that.Jungkook could only watch in disgust as he licked a long stripe across his skin, lapping up the blood that had gathered there. Vanguard Episode 163 English Subbed FULL. As he approached, the air seemed to grow thick and overwhelming with something Jungkook couldn’t quite describe- electricity buzzing in the cell around him, a powerful aura that screamed “danger”.He needed to get the fuck out, away from this claustrophobic hellhole. His breathing slowed, and Jimin kept talking.You’ll just tire yourself out.His body was stock still as the newcomer finally stopped in front of his cell.I'll be updating the tags with every new chapter I write.We greatly thank you for your assistance. “You’ll be okay, I promise.Jaesung sighed wistfully.Generally kept to themselves, living in rural areas so they could feed on animal blood.There will also be plenty of nonconsensual blood drinking.The fuckers can come whenever they’d like, I’ll take them down as soon as they do!” Jungkook’s breathing was coming faster and faster.Jungkook would not be giving his captor the satisfaction of seeing him look down, seeing him look frightened.Kookie, I know this is god awful and you’d rather be anywhere but here, but we’ll get through it together, alright.While I wish we could let you roam free, unfortunately past experiences have taught us that isn’t the wisest course of action.I’ve been here for like forever, I’m still okay.” Vampires? Jungkook knew that they existed, he’d learned about them in passing in his classes at school. FMA in Florida. He pushed down the feeling, and found anger taking its place.After it had once again been locked up, Jungkook made eye contact once more.He couldn’t fucking breathe, he couldn’t- he- Jimin pushed himself back up to a sitting position, scooting close to Jungkook’s cell.He was, of course- but hell if he’d give the bloodsucker the satisfaction of knowing that.” Jungkook did his best to listen.We’ve found that nestlings should be carefully monitored, controlled.Jungkook stood, panting heavily, and waited for the man to approach.Even worse, Jungkook had no fucking idea how these bloodsuckers even got him here.Fuck if Jungkook knew; he’d been out cold for god knows how long.

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The etablishment was positively deserted.He'd need forever and then some to read through it all.The bar was empty, as was the patio outside.Seokjin gulped.Strange, since there was no reason to be stressed.Yoongi tapped his finger onto the table, patience running thin. Forced Feminization. He didn't look forward to tasting anything.Seokjin and Yoongi had trouble keeping up.Two old ladies sat on a round table in the corner, nursing a cup of what appeared to be tea.Yoongi pointed at the page he had opened but his face was as unsure as Seokjin had ever seen it.The smaller man had bumped into the edge of a table and now held his hip protectively.The interior design was tacky and snobbish, floor-length red curtains blocking out the daylight even though they were pulled wide open. He wasn't here to ogle the waiters, but the man was a treat for the eyes.Flowers stood on every table on top of a ruby tablecloth.Shorter chapters than I'm used to, but I want to update this every day until NaNoWriMo starts.No chef was able to handle this many dishes without falling back on frozen and pre-prepared food.Seokjin turned his head to look at his partner.Jungkook bowed one more time and left as fast as he had appeared.A black apron was tied around his black trousers.Him and Yoongi were the only customers Jungkook was currently tending to, giving him a lot of spare time.Things like decor could be discussed later.The weak, murky lightbulbs on the ceiling didn't make up for the lack of sunlight.Every table was laid with white, expensive-looking porcelain. Raihan x piers.

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Or would she? Jin shivered, despite the warm night breeze.Jin could not even share it with Sandeul, the place he was going to, or the people, well—not exactly people, he was looking for.He did not even get the chance to decipher the disturbance in the force, or the way the ground practically shook underneath his feet, his body having frozen the moment he felt something cold pressing against his throat. Whatever it took, he was going to find all those kids and bring them back to their homes.In reality, his grandma didn’t try to stop him, not because she believed that he was able to take care of this mess, but more so out of the knowledge that there was no one else to do this. Min Yoongi. Naruto trained by itachi before academy fanfiction. He felt the rays of the Moon caressing his cheek, a lullaby-like voice softly easing his anxiety and doubts, promising eternal loyalty and support as always. “What if they take you as well?” Jin closed his eyes, taking a deep breath to calm the whirlwind of emotions threatening to burst through his chest.So, he squeezed the brown-haired male’s shoulder, his voice full of confidence.It was only as he crossed over that invisible line that he sensed it.Please, you must find him.She did say at the time that she was known to hold grudges, her icy gaze causing his blood to go cold at the time..The amethyst on the silver necklace his mother gifted him at birth shone under his dark blue haori jacket, warming the middle of his chest.His eyes flew open, shining with determination, voice leaving no room for doubts.

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They had made it their mission to make sure that the hybrids looked as good as they did tonight.His eyes, however, stayed rooted to the ground, his nose twitched, sensing everything around him, his lips in a thin line, no doubt hiding the large teeth that she would hope needed no maintenance. Lee, Yoona couldn't wait to get their hybrid out of that situation. Bonavich, they seemed almost unsure of what Yoona's decision would be, and with good reason Yoongi was trained to never give anything away to people like them.Seating herself away from anyone who might think himself important enough to distract her from her job, overlooking the area, Yoona watched the other women.If his teeth were a concern added along with the other number of things these people have put him through, she would find any type of way to make the Bonavich's pay. Misty YouTube. Selling their hybrid, who sat, hunched in a corner turned away from Yoona, seemed a means to an end for them.Normal for a woman to be here, under these circumstances, happily.Her family name, her ancestors making sure of it, was another dead giveaway that she belonged here.Her arms were folded as she stood, the thin, boney pale skin of her long fingers seemed to stretch almost uncomfortably over her bones.The only good thing about these events, in Yoona's opinion, was the open bar, that access to continuous liquor allowed her to do her job a little more easily.There were plenty, almost too many to truly look at.The biggest reason to identify him as one of the special servants was of course the rather large sign that sat across his chest, it was a note of charge, the rates he was worth to these people.

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Hoseok dug his fingers into the boys hair, gripping his head tightly to hold him in place while his other hand grabbed Seokjin's waist.He bit his lip, spreading himself a little further so the thick liquid would travel more.So he hid his notebook for now, tucking it under his mattress in his own room.Come sprayed from his cock, splashing them both and getting on the counter.The crowd erupted into applause as the bakery was officially opened.Or so they thought. Naruto fanfiction sasuke saves naruto. Seokjin gasped as the air was knocked out of his lungs when his torso slammed against the top of the counter, nearly knocking over the bowl of batter.He stepped over Seokjin again and found a cupcake tin, pouring the batter inside.Silently, he planned out some new fantasies.I promise you that.Happily married with their five boyfriends, Yoongi and Namjoon can finally put the past behind them and start a new life together.Yoongi is desperate to get his sub back, as well as try to keep his own fractured self together. - Seokjin was busy, running around from corner to corner of the bakery as he tried to do a hundred things at once.Seokjin spotted Yoongi's familiar car pull into the lot and park and he grinned.He glanced at everyone else, seeing Jungkook and Taehyung eating theirs normally.He shared a high five with the mischievous entrepreneur when no one was looking.He grabbed Seokjin's shoulders and pulled the boy up and back, leaning the baker over him.Hoseok spun Seokjin around and pushed him over the counter harshly.

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